[Loadstone] A request for help

Jeffrey Schwartz sidney.schwartz at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 13 11:50:09 BST 2009

Thank you for your input.  I have installed loadstone.  You motivate me to
learn how to use it. I have, however, been unable to download maps for it.
I used the lat and long on the point share page, but it will not accept my
input.  What is the proper format, please?

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Hi Jeffrey

  I strongly suggest you continue with Loadstone. WFA is still at it early 
stages and lacks most of essential features for blind navigation tool. It 
is basically  only a talking map and a reoute calculator. You cannot for 
example store your own routes with WFa  nor explore the surrounding with 
same ease than with LS. You also cannot share any location data with other 
WFA users.

  Loadstone and WFA will complement each other and IMO one cannot cope well 
with only WFA's limited set of features.

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS

On Sun, 12 Apr 2009, Jeffrey Schwartz wrote:

> I have decided to use Wayfinder.  It was a difficult choice and I may come
> back to loadstone.  At the present time, however, I would like to leave
> list.  Would someone please send me the url where I can unsubscribe?
> you and best wishes.
>  _____
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> Subject: [Loadstone] nokia 6682 unlocked
> Hi,
> I don't want to use the phone as a cell phone, I only want it for the gps
> with talks that is all.
> Josh
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