[Loadstone] understanding the output of the log analyser

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Apr 8 16:30:20 BST 2009

Hi Pranav,

Speed and heading deviation are the differences between what the NMEA file 
reports and what the software calculates based on the position data. The 
tool excludes messages that are reported as having a speed slower than 1 KM 
per hour. all this and something more is put in an simple algorithm that 
results in a percentage that is 100 % if perfect and less if not. This 
gives the 'reliability', that is how much you can trust this data to be 
true at the moment of the recording of the file. High deviation and bad 
accuracy result in low values.



At 4/8/2009, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have been testing my new global top G66+ receiver with lodestone. What do
>the following items mean?
>1. Speed deviation,
>2. Exclusion speed,
>3. The reliability of the database.

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