[Loadstone] Iblue 737a preliminary thoughts

Shane Wegner shane at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Apr 6 21:14:49 BST 2009

Hey all,

I have the 737a here and have been testing it for a few
days now.  I have yet been unable to record parallel tracks
with the Holux m1000 but will do so as soon as I figure out
how.  So far the results look good though.  Once the AGPS
data was uploaded to the receiver, I shut it off for around
12 hours then started it approximately 10km away from the
locating where it was stopped in a car moving around 50kph. 
It managed to fix within 20 seconds.  Normally a non-agps
aware receiver has trouble with ttff in motion.

On the waas front, given long enough, the receiver does
pick up the dGPS signal here at 49n, 123w.  However, it
seems to only be able to acquire it at low to no motion. 
Once DGPS is obtained though, it has held through higher
speed travel.

Acceleration and deacceleration look good.  Loadstone
reports a "last header" rather than s"speed xxx" pretty
much immediately following stopage with a DGPS fix and
static threshold disabled.

I still need to test side by side with another receiver as
well as downtown vancouver where GPS often has a hard time
with all the tall buildings about.


A competent navigator is not the skipper who can press a button
and follow a       command, but one who uses all the tools at his
 disposal to navigate his course safely and efficiently.

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