[Loadstone] SBAS connection.

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Apr 1 23:12:32 BST 2009

I've never seen waas on my royaltek 2010 but I think the receiver is capable 
of receiving it. The default must be off. I used to sometimes get waas on my 
holux gr-230 so I know waas is available in my area.
If someone wants to do some experimenting I have a list of possible commands 
for the royaltek receivers. I don't remember where they came from thoe so 
have no idea if they'd work or not. The commands I have are:
waas on $PSRF151,01*0f
waas off $PSRF151,00*0e
Power Save on - $$PSRF150,0,300,1000
Power Save off - $$PSRF150,0,1000,1000
$PSRF109,122*32 ;SBAS Channel PRN122 #35(WAAS)
$PSRF109,134*35 ;SBAS Channel PRN134 #47(WAAS)
$PSRF109,120*30 ;SBAS Channel PRN120 #33(EGNOS)
$PSRF109,124*34 ;SBAS Channel PRN124 #37(EGNOS)
$PSRF109,126*36 ;SBAS Channel PRN126 #39(EGNOS)
$PSRF109,131*30 ;SBAS Channel PRN131 #44(EGNOS)
$PSRF109,129*39 ;SBAS Channel PRN129 #42(MTSAT-1)

If anyone can get these commands to do anything I'd be interested.

On Wed, 1 Apr 2009, Rob Melchers wrote:

> The WAAS sats are supposed to be geostationary and as far as I know
> they  are placed over the equator, so north or south should make no
> difference. . The log was north. I have to say that this is the first time
> I saw the fix flag on 2, which means diff connection. The commands for WAAS
> on or off seem to be in the shade, I havn't been able to get data for the
> RTB recs other than the one we have. If someone knows more I am interested.
> Rob
> At 4/1/2009, you wrote:
>> Stupid question, I assume you mean 44 degrees north of the equator and not
>> south?
>> We get no waas or ecnos at 31 degrees south 115 degrees east.
>> Regards, Kerry.
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