[Loadstone] SBAS connection.

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Apr 1 14:16:37 BST 2009

Rob Melchers <rob at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:

> I just got two logs by the I-Blue737a+ receiver that show a differential 
> connection all the time. The user has recorded the log at a latitude of 44 
> degrees. The log reports a minimum heading deviation, a smooth path and 
> obviously has little problems with multi-path reflections. The old problems 
> with disconnection of this receiver seem to have been solved!

Thanks for this report. I'm thinking about to buy a 737a+ or a 747a+...

> On my own latitude of 52 degrees I have never seen an EGNOS connection 
> using the RBT2110.

Did you configure this receiver to support WAAS/EGNOS? By default it is
turned off on this Royaltek devices.

> It would be interesting to hear from users their experience with
> Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) such as WAAS or EGNOS.

In very rare cases I had a differential GPS fix with my Royaltek RBT 2001
and a Holux GPSlim 236. During a short period of testing a QStarz Q818 I
had a differential GPS fix too. My latitude is 53.6


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