[Loadstone] IMG format

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Apr 1 09:09:33 BST 2009


The Loadstone documentation lists all that is possible with the program, we 
didn't hide features that are not documented, so if it's not there it can't 
be done. It's difficult to say if a format can be used in LS without 
looking at the data, but from the .img extension I'd say that you have a 
visual map file which is not easily converted to an text-based database. 
Have a look at the tools page on the LS website, there's a breadcrumb 
generator and a route planner that in their own way provide a means to 
create a checklist with additional directional commands.


At 4/1/2009, you wrote:
>hello listers
>i'm new to the list, and i have some questions about loadstone:
>i've installed loadstone recently on my nokia n82 and started labling some 
>points. now when navigating load stone tells me my distance to certain 
>point but with no instrucktions on how to reach this point, like prompting 
>to turn left or right... my question is can a loadstone user createhis own 
>map of a group of points? and how to do this?
>another thing: i downloaded a map for lebanon with the extention IMG. is 
>this format accessible with loadstone? if not is it possible to convert 
>this map to a compatible format?
>last question, if i have a map on my phone how to import it to loadstone 
>and load it inorder to use it.
>thanks for help.
>bless be
>milios awad

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