[Loadstone] Off topic, sort of. measuring speed with GPS systems

John Ramm john at rammland.net
Mon Sep 29 20:47:48 BST 2008

This is a plee to all you very clever programming types. I have 
noticed here in the UK that my Humanware Braillenote which runds a 
GPS program by Sendero from the States consistently reports my speed 
incorrectly when in a car. It seems to report the speed as lower than 
the spedo in the vehicle, and I think the discrepancy gets larger as 
the speed increases. In other parts on the world it seems to be spot 
on and I'm completely stumped as to why this might be.

If any of you know what could be happening here I'd love to hear some 
suggestions as to what could be done about it. I know the people at 
Sendero, and I know they would be very grateful if anyone here could 
help them out.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Talk soon

John Ramm


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