[Loadstone] [ot] sports GPS

Shane Wegner shane at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Sep 18 00:55:09 BST 2008

Hey all,

Kind of off-topic for this list but wondering if anyone has
found a good sports GPS application for either Symbian or
Windows Mobile?  In particular, something where I can set a
distance, say 10km and the software will vibrate or
otherwise inform when that distance has been reached,
giving timing information on the run.  Or in reverse, a 20
minute run would give the distance travelled.

Currently I use the LS trip meter in combination with a
Symbian stopwatch application but the timings are inexact
as I need to stop one application, flip to the other and
stop it as well.  I've looked at RaceChrono but it's not
very Talks friendly and is designed for vehicle use.

Also on a similar note, has anyone found any Bluetooth
capable Cycling computers IE can transmit speed and cadance
to a phone?  The GPS could handle speed of course but
having cadance would be nice too.


A competent navigator is not the skipper who can press a button
and follow a       command, but one who uses all the tools at his
 disposal to navigate his course safely and efficiently.

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