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Please don't create confusion by calling stuff by the wrong name. Geonames 
is a website (www.geonames.org) that provides geographical data but has 
nothing to do with OpenStreetMap (OSM). The tool on the Loadstone GPS tools 
page that is called 'GeoCoder' uses the Google database to extract lat/long 
coordinates for a given address and has nothing to do with Geonames and OSM.

One more time the sequence:
1. Use the GeoCoder to retrieve lat/long coordinates for an address.
2. Use these coordinates to retrieve a OSM XML database of nodes and ways.
3. Use the OpenStreetMap Converter to convert the .osm XML database to the 
Loadstone format.

The OSM data don't provide housenumbers, area details etc., at least not at 
the moment. This will only be partly possible if we import all the OSM data 
into the PointShareExchange. The downloaded area from OSM is 2.5 x 2.5 KM. 
This data contains a lot of non relevant information that is filtered out 
by the converter. However, it first has to be downloaded to get at the 
relevant information. That's why the on-line tools cannot handle a larger 
area and the information is restricted to streetnames and intersections.


At 9/15/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>When I try to extract points from .osm file generated by Geonames 
>Converter, the only data returned is the street name. Is it the nature of 
>geonames as such, or the converter settings?
>How to get a category name, street number and city name as well? And how 
>to expand the point area which is then written to .osm file?
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