[Loadstone] Reply to Robert

Aedan O'Meara aomeara at iol.ie
Sat Sep 13 11:10:46 BST 2008

Hi Robert, 

I would be delighted if you would look at my problem. My coordinates are
Lat: 51.87458, Long -8.53441. 

I have written a windows program to convert Geonames output files to
Loadstone format. I also included facilities like selecting pois within
a given radius and also by category of your choice. I can send this as
an attachment as a zip file containing the executable and the category
list from geonames itself. My primary reason for mentioning this is that
Geonames shows me hundreds of Pois in my area. 

I may be wrong but I understand the Osm feeds on geonames. 



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