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Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Sep 8 09:16:42 BST 2008

Could you send me a database file containing the troublesome positions? 
Very little I can do if all works fine here with my own files.


At 9/8/2008, you wrote:
>I'm in the same town as Logan and I'm experiencing exactly the same issue 
>as he is.  Is it possible that some problem has arisen in the Route 
>Planner for co-ordinates in our area?  While no change may have been made 
>to the program, I wonder if something unexpected has crept in?
>Pete McGlinchey
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>Hi Logan,
>There have been no changes to the Route planner tool lately and when I 
>used it this weekend it worked as expected. My old test file gave me 8 
>possible points to choose from just now, the most obvious at the top. What 
>you describe can only happen when there are no points in the database 
>within the radius of the legzise. You could run this file through the 
>database explorer and have a look at the distances it reports, or if that 
>tool also protests, run it through the reprocessor.
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>>Hi there everyone,
>>I've encountered an issue with the route planner -and would like to know 
>>if it is a  localised issued or a route planner one.
>>When using a loadstone file to create a route I am able to see all 
>>checkpoints in the list until I get to step 3.
>>After selecting my start and end point and moving on to the next step the 
>>remaining points are not visible in the combo box -regardless of how 
>>large or small I make the leg size.
>>This error  is also happening with files that I have previously used to 
>>generate  route files.
>>Any help greatly appreciated.
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