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Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sun Sep 7 12:04:35 BST 2008

Hi David,

When on the move you have Loadstone in navigation mode. In order to have 
points announced automatically they need to be checked. To check a point, 
go to Exploration mode, give focus to the point and press the * (star) 
button. You hear: Checked. Do this with all the points you like to have 
announced, then save these checkpoints for later use. The next time you 
want these points announced just load the checkpoint file. All this is 
documented in the 'Getting started manual' on the website.


At 9/7/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all:
>I have been playing with loadstone for about 3 months but still haven't
>managed to get it to let me know when I am approaching a stored point, or on
>arrival at it.
>Should I be in navigation or exploration mode?
>What menu options should be set to what to enable it.
>BTW: I have tried putting autoannounce on.
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