[Loadstone] Problem with astronomy menu

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sun Sep 7 11:42:28 BST 2008

Hi Miranda,

In the next version of Loadstone GPS (soon to be released) this problem 
will be solved.


At 9/7/2008, you wrote:
>Hello Loadstone team,
>I use a Nokia E51 phone (3rd edition Symbian) with Mobilespeak 3.60
>Now I have a problem with the astronomy menu in Loadstone 0.70.
>If I select one of the options in the astronomy menu, for instance sun/rise
>and set, the information is displayed, but the menu stays active. It does
>not disappear, as menus usually do when you select an item. So Mobilespeak
>only speaks the menu item and not the information under it.
>I think this is not a Mobilespeak issue, because behaviour is the same when
>Mobilespeak is closed.
>I didn't have this problem with my old N70, which is 2nd edition Symbian.
>I just wanted to let you know this, and hopefully you can understand what I
>mean, because it isn't easy to explain in English, and I don't exactly know
>the English words equivalent to the menu items in my Dutch version of
>If you need more information, I could explain to Rob in Dutch. :)
>With kind regards,
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