[Loadstone] OSM: how to decrease the zoom?

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Sep 2 17:43:43 BST 2008

The zoom factor is in the URL and currently set to 14. To reduce the size 
of the file set it to 15.

More people have had problems with the size today, maybe they're tuning at 
OSM. I'd give it a try tmw and see if it's OK. A zoom of 14 gives a 1 to 
1.5 MB file in a dense area.


At 9/2/2008, you wrote:
>Hello, I've searched for "Bologna", the city where I live. Than I
>choose "Bologna, Italy", than Export...
>While converting with LS tool, I've got this error:
>File too big (max size = 2 MB).
>How can I decrease the size of the file... or maybe the zoom level on
>OSM site?
>Gabriel, Bologna, italy.
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