[Loadstone] OSM converter changes

simon.eigeldinger at vol.at simon.eigeldinger at vol.at
Tue Sep 2 09:18:45 BST 2008


On Tue, 2 Sep 2008 09:33:20 +0200
  Cathomas Jürg <Juerg.Cathomas at sbv-fsa.ch> wrote:
>hello Rob,
>i tried with Wittelsbachstrasse 5, Wien.
>It gave me a file which is bigger than 2 gb and hence it 
>did not convert.

Hm. I wish I would have such a nice documented place :-).
My place: Marktstrasse 21, Hohenems, Austria returned just 
a osm file of 246 kb.
The region of Vorarlberg and the most far eastern swiss 
border seems not to well documented on OSM.


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