[Loadstone] OSM converter changes

Cathomas Jürg Juerg.Cathomas at sbv-fsa.ch
Tue Sep 2 08:33:20 BST 2008

hello Rob,
i tried with Wittelsbachstrasse 5, Wien.
It gave me a file which is bigger than 2 gb and hence it did not convert.

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Betreff: [Loadstone] OSM converter changes

Hi all,

A few changes have been made to the OpenStreetMap Converter:

- The area as retrieved via the GeoCoder tool has been increased. This 
results in a bit longer download time from the OSM website and  longer 
processing time on the Loadstone GPS server while converting the downloaded 
file. Still the whole process shouldn't take more than 3 minutes and you 
get more points.

- The converter now allows for selection of intersections only and whether 
to include the POI's.

- The POI's are extended with churches and shops and now have names that 
include the type as well as the additional data if available in OSM.

Please let us know if this causes any problems.


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