[Loadstone] Thinking aloud about creating checkpoints automatically

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Oct 30 07:21:05 GMT 2008

This is a description of the existing Routeplanner on the tools page of the 
LS website. It would be a bit hard to operate on the phone. We are thinking 
about a route mode based on intersections, but that's an ongoing process.


At 10/30/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Given that data on roads, streats etc., is hard to come by for many
>places, I have been trying to find a way of using existing loadstone
>features to implement some form of routing. Here is what I have come
>up with.
>1. The user sets a start and an end location. The start location can
>also be taken from the current gps position.
>2. Then, a list of all checkpoints between the starting and
>destination location is created. By between I mean a list of points
>from the destination to the starting location. Of course, it would be
>almost impossible to tell directions and since we do not have data on
>roads etc., we would need to create the checkpoints in a radius of the
>destination. The value of this radius would be the distance of the
>starting location to the end location.
>3. Great, now we have a checkpoint list. If there are a lot of points,
>the checkpoint list can become very large and slow down the program.
>the user could delete them manually or, we could use a feature that
>would track the route the user would travel. See the next point for
>4. Once the checkpint list has been created, a trip meter like feature
>could be implemented which would track what points were crossed from
>the starting location to the end location. If a point was not in the
>checkpoints list, that point would be added. This is required to take
>the shape of cities into account.
>5. Once the user has reached the destination, all the other
>checkpoints could be erased.
>6. Now, further manual adjustments like adding turning instructions
>etc., could be added.
>Anyone any thoughts?
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