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Ömer Yesiltas yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
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Hello mike, i also had problems finding the files that nokia maps saves. so i still couldnt find where they are. but i found a different method to get the file into my computer. i just go to landmarks menu on my phone, select all landmarks and send it via email to my other email address. so i can get it as an lmx extension file and convert it to loadstone database.
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  Could someone explain how I can get files from Nokia maps to work with Loadstone?  I've followed the thread on this list but am not clear what I need to do to make them work.  So far, I have it set up so I do not use the internet to use Nokia maps.  After that, I am not clear how to proceed to get files in the format I need to convert them.

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  Mike Hanson


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