[Loadstone] Points and Checkpoints

Mikołaj Rotnicki rotnicki at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 10:27:27 GMT 2008


Which "fields" associate (link) a point to a checkpoint (in the
checkpoint list)?
As for versions prior to 0.70, I believe, a checkpoint data consisted
only of latitude and longitude
for example a checkpiont data was:
52.0543951  16.4325653

which anabled the association (link) to a point:
"Point name",520543951,164325653,1,0,0,1,1225189128

Since 0.70, checkpoint data are almost the same as point data.
Sometimes extended with a comment "field".

So which "fields" do the linking now?

What is the synchronnization between the point and checkpoint data?
Please explain in details if possible.
What will happen to the checkpoints data when I update the point's name?

Hope my questions are clear.

Mikolaj Rotnicki

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