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The address is:
I remenber I provided a direct link to the file at the time, maybe that's 
the problem. Much more you won't find there, this is not a website but a 
small LS download area I created for these purposes.


At 10/25/2008, you wrote:
>Hi.  Since Y-Browser is installed on my Nokia E61, I thought that I would
>grab any other files that might be of use to me.  When I went to the URL
>that you supplied, Rob, I was told that it couldn't be found.  Did you
>perhaps make a typo or has it been discontinued? Since in order to install
>the files in the .zip file the date on the phone has to be May 2007, this
>might have some bearing on the problem.
>Kind regards,
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> >From your message I take it that you are using Y-Browser. There are seperate
>files you must install to view the inbox. Both files are include in:
>Set the date of your phone to May 2007 when installing these files, you can
>change the date back after installation.
>At 10/11/2008, you wrote:
>         Hello all -
>         I downloaded a points file from the Points Share Exchange to my
>computer, and then transferred the file to my phone via Bluetooth. The file
>is sitting in my phone's inbox as a text message.
>         In the Loadstone documentation, where it describes how to import
>points, it says: "In FExplorer or Y-Browser, navigate to the Inbox
>directory..." My question is - WHERE is the Inbox directory?? I've searched
>the entire file tree, and I can't find it anywhere!
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