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As far as I understand it this data refers to the visualization of 
geographical data in a CAD way. It will probably contain usable data, but 
you will need to do a lot of conversion to make this compatible with the 
GWS84 format, which is used in the GPS system. First you will have to find 
out what datum the Gauss Boaga system uses, then it probably can be 
converted to a usable format.


At 10/23/2008, you wrote:
>Hello all.
>The townhall of Florence agrees to release maps of a large portion of
>Toscana region territories. It establishes an agreement with our
>association for italian blind.
>Now we are trying to understand if we can use their maps for our
>I'm copying below what they wrote us about the data format. My
>question to the Loadstone's team is about the usability of this data.
> >> We have data in vector and raster format of this area,
> >> The scale is from 1:10.000 to 1:2.000 urban detail.
> >> These are the release formats:
> >        > dwg (per CAD)
> >> dxf (for CAD)
> >> shp
> >> raster geo-riferred.
> >>
> >> The cartographic system is Gauss Boaga.
>Gabriel, Bologna.
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