[Loadstone] Disappearing points after installing 0.71

David Allen wd8ldy at ihug.co.nz
Sun Oct 19 21:26:42 BST 2008

Hi Monty!

Thanks for the suggestion. It is possible that I've done as you suggested in 
error. I'll look into that.

I also generated some other points from the pointshare exchange that I can't 
get imported because I can't seem to find the inbox on my phone. I looked in 
the Loadstone documentation for a path to it. I know it is different in 
third edition phones, but I could neither find the path in the documentation 
nor could I locate it by browsing everything in Y browser. Chapter 3 says 
that Chapter 2 will tell me where it is, but it now appears that chapter 2 
no longer offers as much detail as it did previously.

The new link to read the entire gettoing started manual as one page is 
definitely useful. I downloaded the manual from that and have transferred it 
to my Victor Stream which gives me more portable access to it. That should 
come in very handy when I won't have PC access later this week.

While on the subject of upgrading to 0.71, is there some good reason why the 
phone models aren't listed in standard alpha-numeric model order? It was not 
a problem to find my model, but I thought common sense would say that you'd 
expect to find E51 immediately below E50, or is the order dictated by the 
cronological order of when someone verified LS compatibility?


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