[Loadstone] Disappearing points after installing 0.71

David Allen wd8ldy at ihug.co.nz
Sun Oct 19 03:01:33 BST 2008

Hi all!

Well I'm a bit late to catch up with this, but decided to install 0.71 today, after reading the release notes.

No problems getting it going, bexcept for one curiossity that I can't understand. I had been using a database of points that I had used quite successfully over different versions and phones, but those points seem to have disappeared upon installing 0.71. Actually, I thought if there was a default database there, Loadstone found it and used it. So when I heard no points found, I thought perhaps I needed to load or import the default database. Neither seemed to make any difference. Why does it appear as if I am again running Loadstone for the first time? 

Otherwise, I am impressed with the improvements made. 

Using a Nokia E51, by the way. The mnemo feature works great, and I don't seem to be hearing repeats of earlier messages as frequently with this version as I did previously.

When opening the programme after installation, it seemed to lock my phone up, but a reboot resolved that.

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