[Loadstone] Loadstone and Nokia n95-4 8gb

Réginald Arseneau regimari at nb.sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 27 18:36:19 GMT 2008

Hi every body,
I'm sory for my english, but I'll like to know something about the loadstone.
I just buy a Nokia n95-4 8 gegs and i downloadthe soft witch corespond to it I suppose and when I'll click on it I have the message that nokia 95 does'nt support the file .sis.
I try the file gz and I still have the same message.
I know that it support the extensions .sisx.
Where can I download a version that I can install in my N95, because i by this nokia just for the loadstone, because I will use it for place somme marquers.
If somebody have a direct link, I'll appreciated it!
Best regard
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