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Hi Rob
Yes, they launched the i-Blue737A+ 2 weeks ago with the latest MTK chipset.
It supports AGPS now. You may know better what this mean.


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The I-Blue737 is a very good receiver for use in the car. However, the unit
had a StaticNavigation of 5 KM/H which made it less useful for pedestrian
use. This was tested a year ago, maybe they have changed that. Another
problem is the BlueTooth connectivity. It looses connection easy because of
its power saving mode.


At 11/27/2008, you wrote:

Hi Monthy and all

As a seller of GPS Receivers, I tested many of them.
The M-1000 is good, but the best for now is the i-Blue737 from Transystem. 
It not only acquires til 51 channels in less than 2 minutes, but includes
also a MiniUSB Home charger.
And the greatest thing is taht, if you forget to switch it off, it turns on
standby automatically saving a lot of battery.

A problem with M-1000 is that it doesn't work well with Nokia Maps and the
Holux Support is bad, even for dealers.

Royaltek products are also ok, but don't work with standard battery and

I don't recommend receivers with datalogger because they are more expensive
and not useful with Loadstone or Wayfinder Access.
Any other opinion is welcomed.

Best Regards


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