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Thu Nov 27 10:57:45 GMT 2008

Hello Joan Ann,

I would suggest the Holux M-1000 is a pretty good receiver.  Many 
Loadstone users are using it.  It uses a much more sensative chipset which 
means better reception and greater accuracy.  The M-1000 charges via USB 
and  takes a standard Nokia battery found on many Nokia Smartphones.  (not 
sure what the  E51 takes).  There is also a newer Holux M-1200 and 
although it might be smaller it may take a non-standard battery - not 
sure.    The Holux M-1000 costs around 40 Euros and Ebay tends to have 
loads of them.

Best regards,

On Thu, 27 Nov 2008, Joan Ann Brosnan wrote:

> Hi all
> My name is Joan Ann from Ireland.
> I have been using loadstone for a while now and, I think it is an
> excellent program.
> Recently, I bought a new phone, the e51, and installed loadstone on to
> it.  I have a holux GP slim236.  I seem to be having a lot of problems
> getting loadstone to see the reciever.
> The battery is always fully charged and, I have managed to get to
> connect from time to time but, it isn't at all reliable.
> Is there a better GPS receiver available?
> Joan Ann.
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