[Loadstone] No signal while no BT GPS

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Wed Nov 26 06:28:29 GMT 2008

I find choosing GPS source quite complicated: you have to pay attention to three settings:
in GPS menu, in Setting/GPS menu, in Positioning (phone menu).
Much easier is to have in menu GPS / Find GPS an option (choce) Bluetooth or Internal.
Anyway, even if in 0.71 I choose internalreceiver as a GPS source, in Localization Technology I get Bluetooth, although it doesn't belong to the internal communication methods.
Moreover, I get the message "No signal" even if the receiver is turned off.
I also have to restart Loadstone in order to applying changes regarding Gps source (internal/external).
Why is it so?
Ps. Sorry for the mistakes, but I am writing in hurry.

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