[Loadstone] connection error using Nokia BT-API

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Nov 25 19:54:27 GMT 2008

Hi monty!

<monty at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:

> Can you please provide the N82's firmware version (*#0000#).

At the moment I have two N82 here, one with FW 20.0.062 and the other with
FW 30.0.019, the error occurs on both handsets.

> I have tested the setup you describe on 2 N82's and both worked and
> sustained connections with the internal receiver.

Moment, please read my mail exactly, the problem occurs when using a
bluetooth receiver (Royaltek RBT 2300) and not when using the internal
receiver. With the internal one all works fine.

I just want to use the Nokia BT-API to share the same BT connection with
several applications. So LS is configured to use internal GPS source and
when asked for location technique I choose bluetooth and connect to the
Royaltek. With E70 and 5500 this works really fine - but with N82 there
comes that error.


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