[Loadstone] Tripmeter

arimo at iki.fi arimo at iki.fi
Sat May 31 10:48:46 BST 2008


  Tripmeter is a nice feature but...

- Using user range error to calculate minimum movement to count is too 
low. I have set URE to 10 meters, quite high value for decent receivers 
but still walked  almost 400 meters just sitting on my garden. Finding a 
good value for minimum movement is  trial and error but current value is 
too low. I'll look for higher values for URE if they would help.

- Also not  updatin the tripmeter if speed is below  static threshold d
might help.

- There could a manual mode  where distance is advanced only by user 
request or by giving any LS command.

- There could be a parallel  tripmeter counting from zero everytime LS 
is started.

- There could be a tripmeter-like functionality in the exploration mode 

- LS converts stored distance kilometers to meters when closed and 
launched again.

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mr. M01510

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