[Loadstone] N-Series PC Suite Issues

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The 6.82.27 version is also good but the user needs to know more about their screen reader as far as defining the buttons to it. Myself, i have no problem with the older one wit JAWS.

but I know most people like the newer one beings they can use the alt F and get to things. But like I have said, if you got the buttons define for the old one, their is no need to go to the new one.

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The latest version is more accessible.
After connecting the phone, Press Alt key and move down until you hear
Then follow the settings instructions.


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I am trying to find a way to move files sincronize contacts between a Nokia
N82 and my computer, on which I had to replace the hard drive.  I find the
current version of PC Suite difficult to use, to say the least.

Mike Hanson

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