[Loadstone] Accessible N-Ceries PC Suite

John Ramm john at rammland.net
Thu May 29 08:42:55 BST 2008

Hi Michael and list

Nokia PC Suite is what I would call accessible ish, but the most 
recent version that I know has at least re-introduced menus that 
allow you to get at the apps inside. I think that's all the suite is, 
a set of programs with a main or front page. The last version had no 
useable menus on the main page and it was really difficult to get to 
where you wanted to be. I don't think the programs in the suite have 
changed that much in my limited usage, but I find it really annoying 
that, on the whim of some trendy programmer, a version can come out 
that we basically can't use due to an inaccessible front page. I wish 
Nokia would keep an eye on this and run some checks before releasing 
a new version, but I'm probably dreaming again!

I am using Nokia PC Suite v6.8.90 which I just downloaded from the Nokia site.

I might be able to be of more help if I knew what you are trying to do.

Hope this helps a bit

Talk soon

John Ramm

At 21:58 28/05/2008, Michael O. Hanson wrote:
>Does anybody on this list know of a more accessible version of PC 
>Suite for an N82 than the standard version?
>Thank You,
>Mike Hanson
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