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Lance Girling Butcher lancegb at xtra.co.nz
Wed May 28 23:21:59 BST 2008

I too would like to add my boice to the chorus of praise for the new version of Loadstone. I have been using it for a few weeks now and find it to be a quantum leap forward. Installation was a breeze, even for a technical clown like me. It has proved to be much more stable on my Nokia N93i that used to crash after the warning that the clock seemed to have stopped ticking. On the rare occasions that happens now, I just disconnect the receiver and reconnect to resume travel. With the last version I had to turn the phone off and on again and reinstall the waypoints to get under way. It has taken a while to fix all the new features in my memory, but I find they are all a step forward and make the programme easier to use. 

The new directional check point finder makes establishing routes so much easier and the option for being told when you arrive at a waypoint as well as the warning you are approaching is extremely valuable walking in an area where there are no easily identifiable geographic features. As a result I am able to walk in the countryside where there are no tracks so much faster and with increased confidence .

I agree with one earlier writer that it would be nice to be able to store and switch settings for walking and travelling in a car where the requirements are different, however making changes does not take that long.

This is just nit picking and I would like to thank you for helping to make my life safer and more pleasant. I use the GPS every day for work and pleasure walking for recreation and business and it is wonderful to help with navigation in the car with my wife. In spite of accusations that I am spying on her checking her speed etc she does appreciate information on when and where we should turn and the estimates on how far we have to go waypoints . Itt also makes the boredom of travelling without scenery so much less of a drag.

Keep up the good work and there will be a cheque in the mail. 

lance Girling Butcher

New Plymouth New Zealand
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