[Loadstone] Congratulations on the new version

Cory Martin cory_martin at shaw.ca
Wed May 28 04:37:05 BST 2008

            Hello List,

            I just wanted to write in a quick note to the developers to
congratulate them on their latest release of Loadstone.  I especially like
the new GPS accuracy option; the new estimate of GPS accuracy in terms of an
actual measurement rather than a number which didn’t mean much of anything
in reality is really nice.  Also the astronomical information that Loadstone
provides is in a sense not really necessary for getting around, but it sure
is pretty cool to be able to just turn to my phone to know when the sun will
set or what phase the moon is in at a given time rather than having to look
it up on the net or through a weather service.  The GPS-fix information is
also much better, telling the user whether they have a two-dimensional or
three-dimensional fix is really nice as well.  In addition the software
corrections for heading for certain GPS Receivers (one of which I happen to
use) is superb.  I’ve just started using the new version so I probably
haven’t covered all the fixes and enhancements here but I just wanted to say
that you guys are doing a really excellent job on making a really useful



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