[Loadstone] new to loadstone

Kevin Jones kevin at kevinrj.net
Mon May 26 19:28:55 BST 2008

Hello, I'm Kevin Jones from Madison WI
I already have wayfinder on my nokia n82 along with loadstone, so am 
wondering when or how loadstone would be better than wayfinder, only 
friendly discussions here. To me, it seems kind of major that that 
loadstone doesn't have maps, though that could change I'm sure, but I 
like always knowing what street i'm on the intersections near etc. I do 
see loadstone probably having the edge if you were off-road in the woods 
I also wish loadstone  could use the internal gps chips on the nokia 
phones. I know that the bluetooth receivers like the holix m1000 are 
twice as accurate, but would like the option anyway.
Then you could use loadstone on a commercial flight since you wouldn't 
be using bluetooth and the receiver would be passive and follew your 
flight path like your passengers watching the map on the screen in 
front. I saw how loadstone can actually interact with the receiver 
change a few settings, hopefully gps receivers in the future may be able 
to convey battery status through that interface.
Has anyone tried to incorporate a set of maps from another gps program 
into loadstone. If we could do that, loadstone could potentially surpass 
wayfinder in every way after we added voice prompts on routes, 
especially with the explore mode a user could seriously look at maps on 
the run like the old strider map program from Arkenstone in the 1990s.

Ari Moisio wrote:
> Hi David
>   REcord a new one, it will override the previous one.
> You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!

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