[Loadstone] A New Member, and A Question

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As far as  marking the bus stop goes,  it really won't effect the accuracy
all too much  if you were standing at the bus pole or sitting in the bus at
the bus stop. The reason for this is because GPS signals are only accurate
to 30 feet (10 meters) or at best through systems like WAAS/EGNOS
(correctional signals) 9 feet (3 meters). So, the GPS will bring you within
the vecinity of a location like a bus stop, it will then be up to you to use
the rest of your skills to further narrow down on the target.  
I would encourage you to visit the Chaos World of Assistive Technology Blog
Postings are dealing with the latest and greatest happenings, tips and
tricks and other items of interest. 


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Hi List,
This is Adam MacLeod from Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I am new to the list, I
just subscribed a few minutes ago. I just recently started using Loadstone
GPS with my nokia 6630 cellular phone, and a Royaltek RBT-2010 GPS receiver.
I am very new to using GPS, and in fact Loadstone GPS is my first experience
with it. I've been putting effort into this very intriguing technology and
into Loadstone GPS.
I've been looking over all of the documentation on the web site, as well as
several posts from the archives of this list.
More about me: I graduated with distinction from St. Lawrence College, in
Kingston Ontario, from the computer networking and technical support program
in June 2007. Besides computers, I am interested in playing and listening to
music, hanging out with friends, and of course furthering my independents
through bettering my orientation and mobility skills, and in using tools
such as GPS.
As well as introducing myself, I have a question for you all. I plan on
going on the bus routes I most frequently use around Ottawa and marking the
bus stops as points. My question is, is it ok to mark the points while I'm
sitting on the bus, as it pulls up to the bus stop? Or would it be more
accurate to get off the bus at each stop, and then mark it as I am walking
on the sidewalk past it? I would like the coordinates to both be accurate
enough to alert me to the bus stop while on foot or on the bus.
Your answers are most greatly appreciated.
Adam MacLeod

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