[Loadstone] (no subject)

R. Wouters rjc.wouters at gmail.com
Fri May 23 15:34:44 BST 2008

HI loadstone guys,

I just want to share my experience after using loadstone for a couple of

1. manual.

I find the manual a little bit to complex for beginners. Maybe some exemples
might help to understand all concepts better.

2. entering points

the label of a point is only a text string.
It might be nice to have a more extended way to enter a point.

type : crossing, busstop, train station, pedestrian crossing
detail 1 : provide a list of streets (or details) that have been entered
detail 2 : see details 1

The label could then be : Crossing Kingsroad Queenslane London

Now I have to entered too often similar data. The feature mentioned above
might help entering all things fasters.

3. question :

I have saved a point (eg. my house) but after using Loadstone it looks like
the point is not saved correctly.  Maybe it was a foggy day or all satelites
were busy working for other people but not me.
Today ia a nice day and loadstone says that I have acquired 9 satelites. 
Can I now 'redefine' my 'house' point ?

3.b renaming, removing points

How do I do this ?

4. General comments about navigation, exploration.

The system works fine and can give me much more details information in
comparison to Wayfinder. ....of course I have to enter this data first
myself or download using Pointshare.



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