[Loadstone] 0.70 unstable on Nokia 6600 and Holux slim 236

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Wed May 21 13:48:59 BST 2008

Try importing your database in smaller parts. If your phone's memory is 
limited then this may help. during an import the database can get quite 
large before it's finally compacted down to the final size.

On Wed, 21 May 2008, Shawn Keen wrote:

> I get a lot of memory full errors on my 6682, I loaded .70 on there and then
> I had to redo my database, everytime it gets half way in to loading a
> database and then tells me my memory is full.  I am just using my 6682 as a
> gps unit I don't even have a sim card in it. and I deleted nearly everything
> else on it.
> I haven't messed with it much sense friday, I went out of town and was
> trying to get it up for use.  Maybe I can hit it again this weekend.
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>> This is the first report of this that we've had. Is anyone else having
>> stability problems with 0.70?
>> Unfortunately I can't think of anything to suggest that would help your
>> problem. When the holux 236 comes up I just take that to mean trouble,
>> there's been lots of reports about this receiver doing bad things. If it's
>> worked for you before then I don't see what would have changed. The only
>> thing I can think of to try would be if you back up your loadstone
>> databases
>> and then remove loadstone completely from the phone. Then do a fresh
>> reinstall and see if that helps. This shouldn't be necessary but you never
>> know, maybe something's gone flakey somewhere.
>> On Tue, 20 May 2008, Paul Hopewell wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have used Loadstone on a Nokia 6600 and a Holux Slim 236 for about 3
>>> years, and find it extremely useful.
>>> I recently installed loadstone 0.70 dated 6 May 2008.Alas this crashes
>>> every
>>> 10 minutes or so while I am walking around with the Nokia 6600 in my
>>> pocket.
>>> It puts up a message saying that the app is closing and my only option is
>>> to
>>> acknowledge this by pressing softkey 1. I tried turning off possibly
>>> difficult options like all monitoring, software heading and speed, trip
>>> meter, WAS/ECNOS, and all check points  but to no effect. While it is up
>>> loadstone 0.70 works as expected, but the frequent crashes make nice
>>> features like the tripmeter useless.
>>> I did not have this instability with prior loadstone versions.
>>> Do you have any suggestions of settings changes which might help? Iss
>>> there
>>> anything I can do to help pin down the cause of this instability?
>>> Many thanks.
>>> Paul Hopewell
>>> hopewell at hopewell.org.uk
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