[Loadstone] Routeplanner/Breadcrumb generator

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Tue May 20 23:26:00 BST 2008

Oh yes, route recorder is the most crucial and - at the same time - long-awaited functionality of Loadstone. The on-line tool is a really good step towards this. Thanks, Rob!
I managed to take advantage of the tool already and I find it really helpful :D
I would suggest a small improvement in the route planner, namely checking all points in the file and create a route (from the first to the last point).
If it comes to the route recorder in LS, my expectations are as follows:
I can start a route recording on demand;
the new points are created after a defined number of seconds has passed or/and if the direction has changed drastically being moreless stable for a given number of seconds.
I can stop or pause the recording.
I can save the route under a specified name and use (load) it later.
I can reverse the route as well or choose to be guided from the current position to any end of the route.
I can add comments to the points, have them announced at arrival.
For the time being, I suggest the following:
after you stop logging, you are requested to enter the file name. As a result, you can create many NMEA files for many routes and make a POI files from them on-line.
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Temat: [Loadstone] Routeplanner/Breadcrumb generator

> Hi all,
> Thanks for your feedback on the breadcrumb generator and the routeplanner 
> and special thanks to those who provided the translations. Both tools are 
> starting points to come to some kind of route generation in Loadstone GPS. 
> The tools are not ideal and the functionality should be inside the 
> Loadstone program but we published them to arouse your immagination and get 
> the discussion going. We also would like to hear the opinion of the 'silent 
> majority' on this topic. Do you see a need for a routeplanner/track 
> recorder and what do you expect from such functionality? Let us know and 
> maybe the next version of Loadstone GPS has even more to offer!
> Your Loadstone team
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