[Loadstone] Routeplanner/Breadcrumb generator

Sandberg, Robert robert.sandberg at sap.com
Tue May 20 09:08:52 BST 2008

Hi rob!
I think a route saving option should be the next goal for Loadstone. I'm
not sure how realistic route planning is, given the hairpin curve
effect, but it would be a big step forward if it were possible to save a
route which could then be reloaded. I haven't tried the breadcrumb
generator yet, simply because I did not understand your initial email.
You said it converts an nmea.log file to a timed database. I wasn't sure
what that means. It sounded as if some geekish effort was involved in
using it and I'd rather have it simple.

Robbie Sandberg
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Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback on the breadcrumb generator and the
and special thanks to those who provided the translations. Both tools
starting points to come to some kind of route generation in Loadstone
The tools are not ideal and the functionality should be inside the 
Loadstone program but we published them to arouse your immagination and
the discussion going. We also would like to hear the opinion of the
majority' on this topic. Do you see a need for a routeplanner/track 
recorder and what do you expect from such functionality? Let us know and

maybe the next version of Loadstone GPS has even more to offer!

Your Loadstone team

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