[Loadstone] Breadcrumb generator

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Tue May 20 05:03:58 BST 2008


  There should be an option to overlay two (or more for that matter) 
location database without mixing them permanently.

  For example we have a map of street intersections and POIs. If we create 
a breadcrum file and want to use it as a route it should be imported but 
there is no easy way to remove the route later. If we then import another 
breacrum file and another and so on our database will be filled with 
anonymous points with no obvious relation with each other.

  Therefore i suggest the following scheme:

- There could be a third type of point set, a route. This type contains 
only  _sequenced_ points with latitude an longitude coordinates, maybe a 
short comment field too.

- All points have a common name, the name of the route.

- These points are not related with   ordinary points or checkpoints.

- Route point list are kept in memory when used.

- Route points are showed with same commands as ordinary points overlayed 
with each other. There could also be an routepoint-only mode. Route point 
could look like
'name-of-the-route # sequence-number'.

- User can lock to the routepoint if needed.

- Routes are created either by walking the route and adding points 
automatically, walking the route and marking points manually  or exploring 
the existing point database and adding appropriate points to the route 
point list.

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mr. M01510

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