[Loadstone] Points of Intrest

Dave 'SqueezeBox' Carlson dgcarlson at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 19 22:29:34 BST 2008

...and a 100-mile radius is a pretty darn large file. I find a 20-mile 
radius very slow to load.


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  Just for confirmation; did you import the file you got from the net? To
import a file you have to store it int the importexport filder under the
loadstone folder and then run import from the LS file menu and select the
file you have just store in the importexport folder. Import takes some
time from few seconds to few hours depending on the size of the file to be
imported.  You get notified about the progress of the import function

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On Mon, 19 May 2008, Ben Vercellone wrote:

> Hello.
> My name is Ben Vercellone.  I am a new user of loadstone GPS.  I have the 
> Nokia N82 and I have successfully installed loadstone and paired with my 
> receiver.  I also downloaded some pois.  I am at the Louisiana Center for 
> the Blind in Ruston.  So I put into the appropriate field the latitude and 
> longitude of Ruston Louisiana.  I wanted a hundred mile radius.  I also 
> checked all of the check boxes before pressing the download button.
> So I downloaded the file and coppied it to my phone in the databass folder 
> in the loadstone folder.  I loaded this databass.  However, I cannot find 
> any pois when I press the joystick any way.  I can find my latitude and 
> longitude and altitude and speed and some other things which I enjoy, but 
> I cannot find any information dealing with pois.
> Is there something I am not doing right?  Are there no points of interest 
> around me in Ruston Louisiana?  I tend to think it would be the first.  I 
> would appreciate anyone's assistance.
> Thank you and God Bless you
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