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A breadcrumb generator, sometimes also called a track recorder, provides a 
means to automatically record your position at given intervals. As the 
story goes you leave breadcrumbs in an unfamiliar environment to be able to 
find your way back. Loadstone does not yet provide this functionality but 
you can record the data that comes from your GPS receiver by pressing the 
'Start Logging' option in the File menu. The resulting file is stored in 
the root of the Loadstone folder on your phone as 'nmea.log'. By exporting 
this file to a computer and feeding it to the Breadcrumb Generator on the 
Tools page you get a database of points numbered from 1 to X that can bbe 
used as a track. You can select the desired interval, where it is useful to 
know that most people walk about 1 meter per second. We are looking into 
the possibility to include this in the program.


At 5/19/2008, you wrote:
>Yes, I agree. I would like some further information.
>Best wishes,
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>i know this is a dum question but how do i go about generating breadcrumbs.
>i dont find it in the documentation.
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>         I have no explanation for the mentioned difference between the nmea
>data and your expected result. All I can suggest is that you erase any
>nmea.log file from the phone and give it another try. If the result remains
>faulty, please send me the nmea file and your expected coordinates.
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