[Loadstone] Installation issue on Nokia E65

Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 19 16:37:59 BST 2008

You downloaded the wrong version. You should have an e3 and you have an e1. You need to first arrow to your phone model and then tab to the download button.

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Subject:	[Loadstone] Installation issue on Nokia E65
From:	"R. Wouters" <rjc.wouters at gmail.com>
Date:		19/05/2008 3:22 PM


I am not able to install the latest version of loadstone (may 2008) on my
Nokia E65.

I downloaded the sis file to my computer.
I use Nokia PC Suite to transfer the file to my nokia.

I get the message (translated from Dutch) : installation of
loadstone-0[1].70e1-20080506.sis not supported.

I have Talks and Wayfinder Access installed on the phone. 

All help is welcome.


Rik Wouters

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