[Loadstone] Points of Intrest

Ben Vercellone skimanbe at optonline.net
Mon May 19 09:45:54 BST 2008

My name is Ben Vercellone.  I am a new user of loadstone GPS.  I have the Nokia N82 and I have successfully installed loadstone and paired with my receiver.  I also downloaded some pois.  I am at the Louisiana Center for the Blind in Ruston.  So I put into the appropriate field the latitude and longitude of Ruston Louisiana.  I wanted a hundred mile radius.  I also checked all of the check boxes before pressing the download button.
So I downloaded the file and coppied it to my phone in the databass folder in the loadstone folder.  I loaded this databass.  However, I cannot find any pois when I press the joystick any way.  I can find my latitude and longitude and altitude and speed and some other things which I enjoy, but I cannot find any information dealing with pois.
Is there something I am not doing right?  Are there no points of interest around me in Ruston Louisiana?  I tend to think it would be the first.  I would appreciate anyone's assistance.
Thank you and God Bless you

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