[Loadstone] Sluggish signal; problem with database import

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Thu May 15 07:38:57 BST 2008

There's no chance of a firmware download happening. If there are receivers 
that can do that the download commands would be a bit more complex than a 
well known reset command. The command problem comes up because vendors can 
implement there own commands but they don't always document what they are. 
Loadstone will only automatically send a command at start if the waas/egnos 
setting is set to on or off, with unchanged no command is sent. At some 
point we plan to have some kind of gps chipset selection but the user would 
have to set it since there's no automatic way to determine this.

On Thu, 15 May 2008, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi
>  This raises one problem with LS. There are commands to control the
> receiver but no notice about the compatibility of the command set. Some
> commands are also given by default on startup without any prior knowledge
> about the connected receiver.
>  Wors case scenario is to have a receiver starting firmware download with
> the command.  There were once such case with Redhat Linux, LG cd-rom
> drives and vendor extension to ATA command set.
> You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
> -- 
> mr. M01510
> On Thu, 15 May 2008, Kiran Kaja wrote:
>> It can't be Sirf-3 because Geetha uses Holux M1000. Even I have noticed that
>> at times LS takes much longer than necessary to acquire a signal. I compared
>> it with WayFinder in the same location and it acquires signal instantly. I
>> cannot reproduce this problem consistently to report it though. I have Holux
>> M1000 too.
>> Regards,
>> Kiran.
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>> Hi
>>  I had similar problems with sirf- 3 receivers witch lost their satellite
>> coverage even when they had operated properly with another application few
>> seconds earlier. The problem was LS command to swich waas on in startup.
>> This caused the receiver to reset itself.  After is switched waas/egnos
>> unchanged there were no such problems any more.
>> What does that line 123 and some lines around it look like?
>> You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
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