[Loadstone] Arrival radius

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Mon May 12 10:28:18 BST 2008


   The original question was how to get alerted when arriving, approaching, 
coming  close, landing or getting near a specified location with a vehicle 
with possibly high speed.

  Arrival radius is not suitable tool for this type of alert. If one wants 
to hear also the comment attached to the checkpoint there is the separate 
setting to enable comments when approaching too.

  According the documentation arrival will trigger only  announcement of 
comment and thus will be silent if there is no comment defined for given 

You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
mr. M01510

On Mon, 12 May 2008, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:

> The approach time setting will have no effect on the arrival radius. Arriving 
> will only be announced when you're within the radius set by arrival radius.
> On Mon, 12 May 2008, Ari Moisio wrote:
>> Hi
>> Look for approach time setting, it will adapt automatically with your 
>> current speed.
>> btw: i use locked point for this type of searches. Of course it requires a 
>> bit more effort to monitor the destination point periodically but i 'look 
>> around' anyway during the trips so this is not an issue for me.
>> You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
>> -- 
>> mr. M01510
>> On Sun, 11 May 2008, Cathomas Jürg wrote:
>>> Arrival radius setting is a fine thing in a bus or train.
>>> But there, the value should be bigger than 16 which seems to be the best 
>>> setting for walking.
>>> It would be nice to have the possibility to increase/decrease  the value 
>>> temporarily as is the case with other settings, e.g. by a value of 10.
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