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Sandberg, Robert robert.sandberg at sap.com
Mon May 12 09:05:30 BST 2008

Hi Jürg!
Come on, give the team a break. Why would you constantly want to change the arrival radius? In any case, I'd say on a bus it's better to use the approach distance, which you can set quite high, so as to be warned in good time. I have my arrival radius set very low, because it becomes useful once you're off the bus and want to close in on the target. Well, technically I suppose the to functions are the same. But one is for a large and the other for a small radius. At least that's how I'm using them.
I'm just worried that the team get bombarded with all kinds of requests for little extras to be added here and there, which might make Loadstone more complex, but not necessarily better. 
Robbie Sandberg
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Arrival radius setting is a fine thing in a bus or train. 
But there, the value should be bigger than 16 which seems to be the best setting for walking.
It would be nice to have the possibility to increase/decrease  the value temporarily as is the case with other settings, e.g. by a value of 10.

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