[Loadstone] string output problem with astronomic functions

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Sun May 11 11:26:02 BST 2008

Yeah, I can play around with that, I just need a phone to do that with. 
We're in the process of getting some test hardware so hopefully we can 
figure this out.

On Sun, 11 May 2008, Hasan Karahasan wrote:

> The N95, N82 and E51 are Symbian OS 9.2 fones while others like E60 use OS
> 9.1. Probably they have changed the behaveour of some API functions. Or
> maybe this is even a nokia bug.
> Can't you play around with clearing the screen, redrawing the window or
> something similar?
> Best
> Hasan
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