[Loadstone] Unassigned keys.

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Sun May 11 08:48:41 BST 2008

[quoted lines by Shawn Kirkpatrick on 2008/05/10 at 21:14 -0700]

>The only reason I can think of to undefine a key would be if it's 
>accidentally getting pressed and generating extra unwanted output. 

Which is exactly what happens when a default key whose function has been 
rebound elsewhere is accidentally pressed. Perhaps I'm the only user who 
presses the wrong key by mistake at times.

>Having a beep sound in this case would defeat the purpose.

No. It'd give immediate feedback as to what the mistake was. There's a huge 
difference between a short beep and a lot of spoken words. A short beep to flag 
an error is both informative and efficient.

>It's possible to have the same function mapped to more than one key.

Sure, but that's not always what a user wants.

>I think the best way to undefine a key would be to just have it do nothing 
>like a currently unused key does now. 

Yes, that's what many users may want. That's why I'm suggesting to trigger a 
sound. Since those can be redefined now, the default unassigned key sound 
could, in fact, be silence. Being a sound, though, the user would have the 
freedom to define it if he'd prefer the feedback.

>There's more work planned for the key processor. There'll be new functions 
>added and the ability for some functions to take parameters. When this happens 
>a play function could be put in so you could have keys just beep if you really 

That'd indeed be one way to achieve the same effect, although it's a bit of a 
clunky way to give all the unused keys the same action.

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