[Loadstone] Assigning a sequence of tasks to an action in the Quick key manager

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Sun May 11 07:43:04 BST 2008

The current label point function pretty much does all this. You can have a 
created point be a checkpoint by selecting the checkpoint option in the 
dialog. Then you use the from commencement or use current options as you 

On Sun, 11 May 2008, Geetha Shamanna wrote:

> Hello all,
> Is it possible to assign a sequence of tasks to an action in the quick key
> manager? For example, the # key is mapped to the action 'Assign point name'.
> Can this key instead be assigned to an action called 'Create Checkpoint'?
> This action should perform all the tasks involved in creating a check point,
> and the user should have to meerly specify the name of the checkpoint in
> order for one to be created.
> In order for this to work, the current 'Assign point name' action should
> perform the additional tasks of setting the point being created as a
> checkpoint , as well as activating the 'From commencement' option .
> This would be useful when creating checkpoints in a hurry.
> Regards,
> Geetha
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